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Shujaat Bukhari



Topics: narrativesmale, pre-1990, 1990, post-1990, srinagarkashmirivideo

Name: Shujaat Bukhari
Lives in: Srinagar
Community: Muslim
Profession: Newspaper Editor & Journalist

Recording date: July 2013

Source: KOH team

shujaat bukhari

3 comments on “Shujaat Bukhari

  1. Rafi Ahmad Masoodi
    December 9, 2014

    Congratulations for initiating something really lively ,innovative and,above all, impartial pertaining to the History of one of the most pregnant periods of the Kashmir History.
    One feels as if one is reliving those traumatic years.Only that if you could steal some time from your busy schedule and make exact figures and dates available. It is sure to be a valuable contribution to our History and that demands exactitude;authentic it is to the core;
    authentic facts which no one who has lived and experienced them can deny.
    I have slightly different perception about the Pandit Exodus and the Pakistani involvement with reference to the immediate cause and beginning of militancy.People had crossed over before the MUF elections.

    A great contribution to Post 1987 Kashmir History.

    With Love.


  2. Akmal Hanan
    December 9, 2014

    Fabulous! The initiative, I think is a great service to State and its people. If we don’t record our history with authentic people itself, tomorrow our next generation might have to rely on far from truth and outside narratives. Shujaat Sahib has candidly told the story and in a way makes the events of recent past unfold before one’s eyes. Unfortunately there are not many inside narratives whether in poetry, visual or any other form being documented in Kashmir in comparison to other world struggles. This can only be taken forward from here, I hope we soon will have visual documentation of Kashmir’s recent past like Algeria had in the form of Battle of Algiers. Kudos!


  3. Terataii
    May 6, 2015

    Amazing living history. Wonderful initiative. Grim history, but whatever it is, it needs to be recorded.


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