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Shuban Khushu


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Name: Shuban Khushu
From: Srinagar
Lives in: Gurgaon, Haryana
Community: Pandit
Profession: Executive Bank Manager

Writing date: November 2014

Source: Self-written

shuban khushu

“Working in a bank in a down town area I got feelers from my then staff members that it would be better to get myself transferred & the bank transferred me to then district offices Srinagar. Since majority of the KP’s were already moving to safer places ,the nearest being Jammu, I was asked by my senior officers, out of their concern for my safety, as to when I was planning to move. My only reply to them was that only when all KP’s move out shall i think of that, was simple, I had constructed the house by taking loan from the bank. Because of continuous curfew imposed in Srinagar city due to abduction of then HMT General Manager, we used to discuss the emerging situation in our colony predominantly occupied by KP’s. Wild stories, deliberate & mischievous rumors started floating. The targeted killing of prominent members of our community started surfacing sending strong signals to leave the valley. The continuous revolutionary songs being aired through public address system of mosques during nights heightened the fear factor. One such news was that militants planned to blast the Jawahar Tunnel& so on & so forth . So far I had resisted pleas from my parents & brothers to move out of the valley but slowly it started denting my confidence.

It was on 7th March 1990 while I pondered weak & wary, when suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping,rapping at my bedroom window. I moved the curtain & found my neighbor who had hired a truck for Jammu for Rs.2600/=. he had one small trunk of his sister which he was desperate to move out & nothing else .he knew i had two children one being 6 years old & other 6 months old .he wanted me to move out so that we could share the fare of the truck. Without telling my other neighbors which included my two Muslim bank friends I decided to go by locking the house, hoping to return in the coming few months when the situation improved. Little did I know that it would be the last time till date that I would be seeing Srinagar.

Four years later in 1994 when I was posted in Mumbai, then Bombay that I was told that someone was constructing 2nd floor on my house. I reestablished my contacts with my Muslim colleagues who forced the person to pay cost which he paid finally. I do nurse a grudge against myself for not informing my Muslim friends who were my dear colleagues, but the situation was so overwhelming during those days that logical thinking totally abandoned me.

I also believe KM’s have also faced great tragedies, deaths etc. but they have at least one consolation of being in their houses. Today i am thankful to the almighty for everything that i have and possess, however, I am missing my motherland. This mental scar will remain till I am alive . As for as my children are concerned they know nothing about their birth-place.

Given the current scenario exiting now-a-days i believe that only divine help can solve the issue. hoping that it happens sooner rather than later. Ameen!!”

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