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Chuni Devi Raina



Topics: narratives, female, pre-1990, 1990, post-1990, pulwama, kashmirivideo

Name: Chuni Devi Raina
Lives in: Pulwama
Community: Pandit

Recording date: July 2013

Source: KOH team

chuni raina

One comment on “Chuni Devi Raina

  1. Dr. Inder Koul
    February 16, 2015

    For one who was brought up outside Kashmir (my family left the valley in the 50s) and yet was brought up in our rich Kashmiri culture I can mention with pride that this person is a genuine Kashmiri Brahmin lady not only ethnically but also culturally. She has intelligence, honor and guts. She also has strong pride in being a Kashmiri.

    The late 80s were a period of sadness for the Valley as tiny Pakistan was used by some big powers to create a turmoil in Kashmir, This brought much misery to the Valley. Now surely this dirty game has ended and can not be re-invented due to India’s formidable military might. India thanks to the DRDO-USSR-RUSSIA is surely the third strongest military power on this planet today after Russia and the USA. Certainly stronger militarily than a Jewish supported China.

    Kashmiriyaat was challenged and has survived. Let now the KPs and KMs work as a team and make our Vale prosper. After all we are one, since we mostly share the same ethnicity, culture, etc. Most Kashmiris who moved out due to turmoil will surely return if given the proper opportunities and security. After all most humans love their roots, besides surely on our planet there is no place comparable to Kashmir.

    Dr. Inder Koul

    P.S.. As far as marriages of KPs are concerned most still marry in their own community. The figures given by lay elements are deceiving. Often if a non-traditional KP marries outside there is more often an outrage in the community. Thus the statistics on these intercaste marriages get exaggerated.. In fact even the genuine recent statistics published in The Hindu on inter-caste marriages reveal that less than 5% Indians marry outside their own caste.


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