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Bhushan Lal Ganjoo



Topics: narratives, male, pre-1990, 1990, post-1990, srinagar, kashmirivideo

Name: Bhushan Lal Ganjoo
Lives in: Ganpatyar, Srinagar
Community: Pandit
Profession: State Government Employee (retired)
Age: 61

Recording date: August 2013

Source: KOH team

bhushan lal ganjoo

One comment on “Bhushan Lal Ganjoo

  1. shabir ahmad
    March 5, 2015

    A big salute to this brave man . to understand his braveness one should go through this kind of experience (God saves us all to go through this) it may be easy to say pandiths should have not fled like this but please don’t blame them,circumstances where such that they were helpless but at the same time let me say please don’t blame their Muslim neighbours also as they were also helpless .i am not as wise to understand why it happen or what should have instead but i think by all these happenings GOD wants us all to examine our souls.i wish kashmir become again as peaceful as Although i am out of kashmir since a long time now but like others my soul is always there only.


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