Kashmir Oral History

An archive of oral history of Kashmir, recorded in video, audio, and writing. Let the people speak.


icon_volunteerKashmir Oral History or KOH is an ongoing collaborative civil society project. We require volunteers who can contribute to the growing oral history archives in various roles.

Basic qualification: Ability to speak in Kashmiri

Additional skills: Experience in any of the following:

  • Film-making
  • Video recording
  • Video editing
  • Sound recording / editing
  • Translation

Contact us at: kashmiroralhistory@gmail.com


If you can understand spoken Kashmiri, you can contribute by taking any video or audio recording posted here and translating the oral narrative in the recording into English. Your contributions will help us add “English subtitles” and “English transcripts” to the video and audio recordings, respectively. These in turn will help peoples’ narratives reach a wider audience.

Send your translations to: kashmiroralhistory@gmail.com

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